​Massage Therapy


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120 minutes   $180

90 minutes      $135

75 minnutes   $120

60 minutes       $90

Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on specific areas of chronic pain and/or injury(s). Deep pressure aids in tension and pain relief, increases flexibility and stimulates circulation. Techniques, such as cross fiber friction, myofascial, muscle stripping and stretching are incorporated throughout treatment.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Slow steady rhythmic massage techniques are used to create a soothing massage. Treatment is used to induce muscular relaxation, reduce stress and fatigue, as well as revitalize the mind, body and soul.

PreNatal Massage

Relaxation massage for the expecting mother, used to help alleviate the nine months of physiological changes of a Mother's body. Treatments are used to reduce muscle cramping, tension and fatigue, and encourage relaxation. Treatments are continually customized to provide lasting comfort.

Spa Facial

Essential 5 step facial to restore, revitalize and maintain healthy skin. Deep relaxation treatment starting with a cleansing, exfoliation, facial toner, beautifying masque and finishing with a gentle massage of the face, neck, upper shoulders and arms. Will hydrate, refresh and tone skin for an improved look and new feel. (no extractions)

Customized Additions

Hot stones

Paraffin Treatment